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A T-Rexcellent summer campaign!


Anyone who visited The Lexicon, Bracknell this summer would most definitely not have missed a very special guest in the form of an 8 metre tall, lifelike dinosaur…

The T-Rex, who was talk of the town in the local area throughout August, is the UK’s largest animatronic dinosaur, so it’s no surprise it caused quite a stir. The gigantic T-Rex was made specially for The Lexicon’s event and was an impressive 18 metres long, 8 metres tall and moved and roared too! It formed part of a wider event, the ‘T-Rex Encounter’, which included a whole host of dino-themed fun in different locations across the town centre, over a three-week period.

Our involvement in the campaign was to lead on the creative, which was used to promote the event on a range of elements onsite and online, and in advertising for the press and on billboards and buses in towns surrounding Bracknell.

Ahead of the big reveal, we launched a teaser campaign which included a series of warning posters that appeared on the inside of lift doors at The Lexicon, warning visitors to watch their step and keep their eyes peeled! The main campaign included posters, window vinyls and flyers in the town centre throughout the event, a social campaign, and advertising on 6 and 48 sheet billboards in towns surrounding Bracknell, on buses and in press ads.

The campaign was a huge (excuse the pun) success and one that we were extremely proud to be involved in. We loved seeing the campaign come alive and experiencing the faces of visitors as they walked around the corner to see a lifelike T-Rex was something that will stay with us forever!

“The T-Rex Encounter was our biggest event since the launch of The Lexicon and so we wanted to go big on the creative, which would be seen in Bracknell and the surrounding areas. CAKE understood what we were trying to achieve and delivered a campaign that created huge levels of excitement in the lead-up to and during the event. We wanted to cause a stir because it’s not every day the UK’s largest animatronic dinosaur appears in a town centre, and every element of the campaign worked together to do just that. The event was a huge success, thanks to a collaborative effort from our team onsite, CAKE and our other agencies.”

Sue Boor, Head of Marketing, The Lexicon

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