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The GDPR journey has only just begun


So, the 25th May has passed and the GDPR is done and dusted, right? Wrong. From what we’ve seen, lots of companies do actually believe this is the case and that is a huge concern.

The enforcement date for the GDPR has passed, but data protection is a constantly evolving beast. Keeping on top of data can be a challenge, especially when you're frequently updating the services you offer and the technologies you use.

The regulatory authorities don’t appear to have done anything yet, which is dangerous in itself because some companies may sit back and think they’ve avoided any checks. You can see why people may not take it as seriously, thinking it was all hype and stop investing.

Here’s a good way of looking at it: we’ve basically entered a new era of data privacy, in which every organisation needs to constantly revaluate its data security and consider the consequences for any failures. The GDPR journey is really just beginning.

For the last few years leading up to the 25th May deadline, we were all absolutely inundated with articles, blogs and emails discussing the GDPR. It did get a bit overwhelming at times, let’s be honest, but at the same time we were aware of that deadline and if we needed it, we could find plenty of information detailing what we needed to do by that date.

Since the deadline it’s all gone a bit quiet, a bit of an out of sight, out of mind scenario. This probably explains why some businesses think they’ve done their bit and don’t see it as an ongoing consideration.

Luckily for you, we’ve swotted up on all things GDPR and we know exactly how you can ensure your business remains compliant. Get in touch and we'll let you know what we can do to help.

gareth slaughter