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Find your flow


It’s not a hangover cure, it’s for busy people on the move.

Hmm, we’re dubious too but only because we know it works! Lucozade Energy is attempting to reposition the drink as suitable for everyday dips in energy with £14million campaign, ‘find your flow’. 

The campaign includes a TV ad which shows people in everyday situations performing at a higher level thanks to Lucozade, outdoor advertising and take-overs of tube and train stations. We absolutely love the creative we saw at Oxford Circus last week - the simple, retro-feel designs really stuck with us. 

Lucozade’s marketing is brilliant at the moment; we were really impressed by the experiential event which took place earlier this month in which people were handed limited edition bottles in Tube stations. The bottles had chips inserted so that they could be used like an Oyster card to give drinkers a free Tube journey. We’re looking forward to seeing what they do next!

gareth slaughter