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Introducing Joe!


There’s a new kid on the block at CAKE… meet Joe, who’s joined the team as our Junior Creative Artworker.

We know what you’re thinking: What’s Joe’s favourite brand? Who’s his favourite designer? What’s his biscuit of choice? Of course you are! Well, we’ve covered off everything you could possibly want to know about Joe in a Q&A….

What’s your favourite brand?
Noah NYC. I have the utmost respect for the ethos Brendon Babenzien presents in every stage of his brand, pushing amazing messages of sustainability to the general public whilst continually producing fantastic ready-to-wear clothing. Also, their recent collection in collaboration with Youth of Today was just down-right perfect. 

Who’s your favourite designer?
Overall, it’s probably got to be David Carson. Seeing his work in the now defunct Raygun was probably the catalyst for my creative spark. Recently however I’ve been loving the work of Matt Willey. His direction for The New York Times Magazine is just consistently brilliant and a fantastic source of inspiration.

A standout campaign that springs to mind?
The first thing that comes to mind is Mother London’s recent work for KFC. The ‘KFC From AFC – ZFC’ was a fantastic homage to the rippling effect the chicken conglomerate has had on the British consciousness.

Favourite website?
Velvetyne Type Foundry (VTF) http://velvetyne.fr/
Not only is this one of the most chaotically gorgeous websites on the net, it’s also run by a collection of amazing guys who use the platform to distribute free and open source typefaces to the masses, what’s not to love.

Best Instagram account?
As Instagram is pretty much the only social media I use, it’s near impossible to choose just one account, a few I am loving for a bit of inspiration are @yourdadsamerica @danktype @fruitsareclub @graphic_books @sportpatch

Number one Pantone colour?
19-4029 TCX Navy Peony. The most classic of Navy blues, any piece of furniture or clothing in this colour I can almost guarantee I will adore. 

Font of choice?
Serif: Big Caslon. Sans: Helvetica Neue 45 Light. Display: Bureau Grotesque Extra Compressed.

 Favourite film?
It’s a toss-up between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show and Scooby 2: Monsters Unleashed.

 Favourite book?
I’m a sucker for ‘coffee table books’, Larry Clark’s The Perfect Childhood and Teruyoshi Hayashida’s Take Ivy are ones I always seem to go back to.

Go-to playlist/artist on Spotify?
My Songs to feel great to playlist is an amalgamation of every song I’ve ever loved, from David Byrne and Bowie to Alex G (Sandy) and Ezra Furman.

 Tea or coffee?
Coffee. Iced.

 And the BIG one (drumroll please)… what’s your favourite biscuit?
Got to be a Digestive, it goes with everything!

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