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Is simplicity the key to effective marketing?


Marketing Week has published a really interesting article today, confirming that brands with a simple proposition are thriving, in what is a very crowded market! this follows new research, which revealed that 62 per cent of consumers will pay more for a simple experience.

We were chatting to one of our clients about exactly this earlier in the week, funnily enough. As consumers, we’re constantly inundated with marketing messages – through social media, as we walk down the street, while we watch TV - you get the message (no pun intended), it’s non-stop. When you combine that with the fact that we live busy lives, you can understand why we don’t have time to dissect complex messages that are hidden behind an advert, for example. Makes sense, right? Think about when you go shopping, you often like to pounce on whichever brand or retailer is offering the best deal, don’t you?

This is why being creative with your marketing is possibly more important than ever before. Yes, the message you’re using to reach your target audience needs to be simple, but it does need to stand out from that rather large crowd! We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for some fresh ideas; drop us a line here.

You can check out the full Marketing Week article here too.

gareth slaughter