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*annoying agency acronym for 'ahead of the curve'

Brilliant as it is, we’re not one of those agencies that claims to read marketing week every issue but we do cast our eyes over it from time to time just to see (if there’s any juicy goss) what’s new.

On 21st March we saw an article called 'UK advertisers are moving marketing services in-house'. You'll see why this grabbed our attention. 

The article and accompanying research says that "a growing number of UK advertisers are moving to in-house and on-site agency services, driven by a growing demand for transparency and more agile ways of working." 

The study highlights marketers’ growing frustration with external agency relationships with a whopping 62% of respondents saying they're moving towards forging stronger relationships with fewer suppliers. The article goes on to say; "respondents cited the time taken by external agencies to make decisions and to turnaround work as particular areas of concern (68%). This move is also being driven by a growing demand for transparency and more agile ways of working."

Fewer suppliers, quick turnaround, transparency and more agile ways of working you say?! Wow, imagine if you could have all of this and really cut down on costs by just paying for work when it's actually done...!

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gareth slaughter