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Embracing the freelance revolution


The freelance revolution has gained momentum over recent years as traditional business models are increasingly supplemented with more flexible working environments. 

In the past, freelancers have been restricted by a lack of income stability due to the fact there weren’t as many companies offering them work. The rise of technology has transformed this, enabling greater flexibility and the opportunity for mobile working.

Our agency model here at CAKE is built on freelancers. We’ve spent years building a network packed with the brightest minds in the industry and between them we have all the skills we could possibly need to ensure our clients are getting the very best. 

So, what are the benefits of working with freelancers?

Freelancers are flexible. They can work as much or as little as they want to and choose their hours to fit in and around their other commitments. So naturally, they’re happier! 

Using freelancers offers huge cost savings for your business, because you only use them when the demand is there and only pay them for the work they do. 

We know from our own experience - freelancers are passionate about what they do. They’ve chosen to focus on the work that enables them to use their specific experience and skillset, so you know you’re always getting the very best from them.

Work-life balance
We all know work-life balance is an important factor in any employment today. By shouting about your interest in using freelancers, you are showing that your business believes in a healthy work-life balance.

With freelancers, you allocate tasks according to the skill that is most valuable to you as a business. You have complete control over what they do and when they do it. 

By working with freelancers at CAKE, we know our work is fuelled by passion and talent. We get a brief and hand-pick the right people to fulfil it. We know with confidence that the people we use are going above and beyond because they are working on projects they enjoy.

In summary, you get exceptional quality. And guess what? Exceptional quality = happy clients.

    If you’re a freelancer and want in on the CAKE, get in touch!

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