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Flexible working predicted as a key trend for 2019

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We were thrilled (and slightly smug*) to read that Marketing Week’s upcoming Career and Salary Survey 2019 is set to reveal that flexible working is of increasingly high importance to marketers.

The article predicted the key trends that will impact marketers’ jobs in 2019 and re-imagining the future of work was one of them. A survey was completed by 4,400 individuals working across the industry, and 90.1% of them said that flexible working is “very important” or “important” to them.

The Marketing Week article reported that the number of marketers who consider flexible working to be “very important” has risen from 47.2% at the start of 2018 to 53.3% in this latest survey. This research confirmed that the adoption of flexible working among marketers is also on the rise, increasing from 34.2% to 37.7% in that same timeframe.

The reason? Lots of marketers are keen to boost their professional development and working across multiple projects enables them to do this!

Here at CAKE, we’ve already created a platform for flexible working, in fact our business model is completely built on on it (*which is exactly why we’re pretty smug about this news.) Our growing network of freelancers are all flexible workers and we know that they absolutely love working on different projects, enabling them to use their specialist skill sets.

We hand select specific freelancers for each job we complete, and we do this to ensure every piece of work is being done by someone with exactly the right skills. We know from talking to our wonderful freelancers that they love the flexibility of freelance life and they’re all pretty thrilled at their decision to take that route in their careers.

While flexible working has been on the radar for marketers for a long time, the nature of what ‘flexibility’ really means and how companies can implement a platform for their employees to work in this way will certainly need to be addressed by many businesses in 2019.

We would love to hear from any marketers looking to embrace the flexible working trend and any freelancers who are already doing it too! Give us a shout and let’s have a chat!


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